Ras Al Khaimah , United Arab Emirates
Time | Open your eyes | Dark changes into light | The day goes by | It fades into another day | There goes a week | More weeks flip | Here goes a month | Another month jumps | It's gone, you didn't even notice | And it's been a year now | Autumn, winter, spring, now it's hot again | Time! | It flows at the speed of life | Life comes and goes | Don't you forget to blink | It's 3am and you are 83 | What have you done? | How many times did you fall in love? | And did you smile often enough? | Done what you wanted? | Don't you miss out | Seize every moment | Live a little | Look around | Your life is here and it's gone | Pause, breathe | Take what your heart desires | The time is slipping | The light turns into dark | That is one day | Today is almost done | #KG #poem #poetry #time #flies #today #tomorrow #yesterday #now #visualbyKG #photography
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