The Night
Ras Al Khaimah , United Arab Emirates
The Night | I like the night, | To be enveloped by its darkness. | The shimmering of random lights | Wink at me, | Yellow and white. | The saddest bird screams it's scream. | And on the horizon, | Where the water meets the sky, | The light reflections draw some patterns, | And remind me of Vincent Van. | A passer by ripples the water, | The moonlight breaks, | The picture dances, | The silence is disturbed by crickets' hymn. | Come sit with me under the sparkling stars, | Share the night's embraces, | As we get swallowed by its blackness, | Together, more than once. | #KG #poem #poetry #night #darkness #blackness #vincent #starrynight #visualbyKG #photography #blackandwhite
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