Thawd / ذوْد
Painting, Calligraphy
Hazem Abutawila
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
وريحٌ محملةٌ تمضي إلى غدنا، الحرف يشهد وروح السلف تغمرنا يقلع الذود ولا سراب يحفنا..
Unity is the main concept of my art work, and what could be better than a herd of camels (ذود) (Thawd -herd of camels which includes three to ten camels) to express it! I chose to paint in white in order to express the unity of direction, ambitions and journey under one leader. The colored petals replacing the haze caused by the movements of the herd play the touch of hope, challenging the hardships of desert. I also thought of adding a touch of (Sado) the traditional Emirati handcrafting, for a more clear and colorful identity, moreover, it connects the past with the present and the future.
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Mai Mohammad - September 04, 2016 at 08:36 pm
حبيت الفكره حلوه ، التنفيذ والتصميم رائعين واختيار اللون الابيض كتير موّفق وادّي الغرض منو !!!
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