Painting, Graphic design
Ahmed Al Muhairi
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The idea is about cultural outreach .. What if Paul Cezanne was here in the UAE ? How would he have seen the people and the place? Is art about the subject .. or is it about how the artist is seeing it ?
The 3rd of May was the launch of my Ramadan exhibition at the Double Tree Hotel in Dubai Marina . It includes some of my acrylic paintings . It also includes a new series called ( The Masters Were Here ) which is a new twist on some of the well-known masterpieces.
Now it's not the first time that somebody will digitally or manually reconstruct a masterpiece adding parts to produce a new take on the original , but this is the first time that the work includes only the original artist's brushwork with no additional painting from somebody else .
Let me explain with this example
The Emirati lady is digitally collected from 17 works of Paul Cezanne's masterpieces using a high resolution digital copies. I also designed special digital brushes to crop pieces from the original work without adding any lines or colors ,which makes all of the brushwork in this copy done by Cezanne and this kind of remake never been done before.
The difficulty in this process concentrated on choosing the suitable pieces and rearranging them to make a new subject that looks natural and not rearranged. Not only that .. no added lines or colors have been applied to the work and that means a lot of labor in the cropping ( 176 pieces in total to be exact ). It would've been much easier to just paint over the original but that will include my brushwork and there is nothing new about that… I wanted it to be all Cezanne's.
The process required a good study of Cezanne's brushwork to make sure that it looks like something he would do.
To make the art work looks like an original painting it was printed on canvas and I added different mediums to have a natural texture.
Back to the subject
Well.. I tried to make it an Emirati subject .. I imagined that the lady was waiting for a guest that never arrived and that is why she is sad .. Looking at the coffee cup that never got the chance to be served..
I tried to do maximum change in the subject with minimum change in the original work to emphasize that we are not that different after all …There will be other remakes at the exhibition.
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Hanan Alkindi - June 13, 2017 at 10:15 pm
Very beautiful
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Rectofan - July 26, 2016 at 09:54 am
Nice concept
Creatopian Creatopian - May 10, 2016 at 02:18 pm
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