One Story,Project of 2014
Graphic design, Printmaking, Calligraphy
FATMA Al Teneiji
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Talk to me in Arabic, Sincerely Grandma, Preserving the national identity becomes an alarming issue here in UAE. How each generation (the old and the new generation) views and interacts to this issue? "e new generations do not see the national identity as something perceivable; they try to add new elements to their national identity in order to make #t to the new century that they are living in. As the new generations do that, the old generations try to get rid of the additive elements and try to protect the new generations from their own ideas. Between this and that, the generations lose their connection and they create what is called “the lost generation” which refers to the new generation. In this artwork, I show the old lady who represents the old generation and the young man who represents the new generation. "e young man who tries to mutate the traditional part of his national identity, which is, in this case is the traditional dress (Safra and Agaal) to a hip neck scarf. He tries to communicate with his grandmother through a mixture of Arabic and English language. His grandmother tears as she fails to understand her grandchild. "e way she looks to the audience as she is asking them (what should I do). "rough her eyes she invited the audience to feel her agony. Sikka Art Fair,2014, Mixed Media
I Am Not A Number We are living in a society that is de#ned by materialistic measures. Emirati men spend so much money on their car plates, sometime its normal to see the car plates more expensive than the car itself. It should not be Emirati priority and worry. I researched about this topic and I found that we are the biggest spenders in the world when it comes to car plates. Moreover, I started asking people around me if they su$er about this problem; unfortunately many people are su$ering from debts. I thought there should be more awareness about this topic; I chose to make this issue as my senior project. For my senior project I will create two videos that discuss the car plate numbers, using a rotoscoping technique. "e animation video shows the reaction of two girls: one who loves number plates, and one who has other priorities in a future husband... Rotoscoping,2013
Whether your name is Amna or Mariam or Asma, your name will still represent your Identity. The question here does the name frame your personality or does your personality frame your name? According to researchers, names are what distinguish individuals from each other’s. We do not get the chance to choose our names; it’s our parents’ choice. There are people who do not like their names for various reasons, for example, people pick on them because of their names, or because they do not feel that their names represent them well. This might affect them negatively; they will think low of themselves and they might become isolated. From here we can see that names can impact people’s personality profoundly and this would answer our question that names frame our personality. On the other hand, we can commonly hear from parents that they chose the name of their child because they want their child to grow up and become like the one who was name after. Parents think that if they chose the name of celebrity that their child would grow up and become like that celebrity, either having the same personality of that celebrity or becoming himself a celebrity. This would answer our question differently; the answer would be that personality frames our names The sheikha manal young artist award,2013,Mixed Media
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FATMA Al Teneiji - February 09, 2016 at 10:54 am
@Ahmed Al Muhairi, شكراًعلى مرورك وسأقوم بإضافة الشرح مع الاعمال الفنية
Ahmed Al Muhairi - February 08, 2016 at 04:56 am
مزيج جميل من خطوط الاسكتش مع المساحات الملونة .. عندي فضول اعرف قصص اللوحات
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